I just saw online a hint how to install the Studio Display 15'' under Suse Linux 7.3. It's written that I have to set a Kernel Parameter (http://sdb.suse.de/de/sdb/html/olh_ppc_apple_tft.html). BUT: Does this mean that I can't install the Linux on my G4 without installing it from another monitor and then (after installing) setting the kernel parameters? If not, when and how can I set the parameters?
I have at the moment a Linux 7.0 running on my G4 (which I installed with the "help" of a seperate monitor): is it maybe easier to simply update the system: Does he accept the "older" kernel-paramters automatically? The fact is that I'd like to reinstall my whole computer with formating it (also the MacOS-Partition)...so I'm not very happy with "updating the system". But if there's no other "easy" way...
Thank you for your help
greetings from switzerland