I recently aquired a G4/700/1M upgrade for my 9600/300.  This upgrade has a 256k on-chip L2 cache and a 1MB off chip L3 cache that runs at 200Mhz.  When I start up the openSuSE v10.0 installer, it shows the L2 cache, but it doesn't mention the L3.  I have also ran into this on my Beige G3 when I installed a G4/400/1M.  This chip is from a Yike PCI G4 machine.  When I start Linux, the L2 cache of 1M is not shown.  BootX comes with a tool called GrabG3CacheSetting, but this tool doesn't work with the G4s.  I have seen some hacks about editing out the BootX settings manually, but I'm really not sure what to do.  Any help would be appriciated.

I'm sure that the G4/700 will be very fast even without the L3 cache active, but the G4/400 won't be......


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