with linux you cannot use ide-cdrw. that's why you have to make an modprobe ide-scsi to emulate a scsi drive.
to mount your cdrw you have to use /dev/scdx x=0,1.... instead of /dev/hdc (if cd is master on seconde ide)
perhaps you have to set some symbolic links. but I think that this can be found on the suse homepage.
hope that helps,

on 31.01.2002 11:12 Uhr, john flanders at flanders@macnews.de wrote:


Ičve installed SuSE 7.3 on my G4/450. Ičve changed the original CD with an łAppleČ CD-RW ( Matshita CW 7586).
When i installed SuSE ičve got an problem to find CD2. Ičve used /sbin/modprobe ide-scsi like SuSE said and edited the boot.local in the same way.
The installation was fine, but now no CD will be shown.
With cdrecord ­scanbus the device was found as a SCSI-device (it is IDE).
What is wrong an how can i get my cd running ??

Thx a lot !