i am trying to install suse-linux on powermac 8500/180 - 64mg.

macOS 8.1

i hav  external 2gig HD :

3: SCSI, 1.91 GB, /dev/sdc, MICROP-4221-09 1128RQAV

This is what i attempt to choose for installation.

i get:

warning: this disk has foreign partitions and must be handled
by the custom partitioner.


so, i go to custom:

1. i select drive,

YaST2 needs at least one partition to install SuSE Linux:
the root "/" partition.
Please create this at mountpoint.

i initialized the disk.

this appears to be a partition issue.  evidently, i am
in the dark about creating the appropriate partitions.

i tried HD primer, which apparently should allow me to create
new paritions; howver when i try to create a 40 000k partition
(linux boot partition_) i'm told i have not succeeded as a
partition need be greater than 400k.

1 have 2 memory options

they begin : 0.5
                   0.5  <-  ->

the second 0.5 i can increase/change the size of my partition.  the
first will not allow any alterations.

please forgive my naivete about partitions, but might someone point
me in the right direction regarding their appropriate creation.

thx.  zehn