I found many cases, where it makes sense to list all (or most) Requires also as Buildrequires. First it is a good way to assert that the required packages actually exist. Second, every package should run a test suite within %check (even if it is only a trivial test - it will catch a bug sooner or later), then those tests often need all the runtime dependencies to be there.

I usually place a comment '# Requires for test suite' followed by Buildrequires lines copied from Requires.

Cheers, jw

"Cristian Rodríguez" <crrodriguez@opensuse.org> schrieb:
El 23/09/12 21:46, Greg Freemyer escribió:

I think Requires and BuildRequires are disjoint / independent.

I have a package that has about 20 Requires. I'd like to have a
%check section for it, but I'll need all those requires at build time
as well to do that.

Is there a clean solution?

No, there is no macro for both and the %check section is not intended
for that purpose.

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