Am Thursday, 9. June 2011, 10:19:42 schrieb Greg KH:

> On Thu, Jun 09, 2011 at 06:11:48PM +0200, Adrian Schröter wrote:

> >

> > is running now with the new source service mode.

> >

> > We recommend to upgrade to osc 0.132 version as available in openSUSE:Tools

> > project if you work with source services.

> >

> > The difference to the old way source service were handled is that with

> > the new mode, no "source service" commits are generated. This means, the

> > history just contains the commits done by the user, which makes things

> > like revision diffs much easier. The source service result is handled as

> > an internal commit, like with source links. Builds are still done with

> > those internal commits.

> >

> > A manual service run trigger is handled as commit by the user, so it is

> > part of the history.

> >

> > This solves also the blocking of commits (403 errors) during a service run.


> Nice job.


> But I'm getting the build system error "services only work on branches"

> when trying to link in a package that contains a branch (i.e. the osc

> package itself into openSUSE:Tumbleweed).


This has nothing todo with this change, it was always not supported.


But I enabled project wide services in openSUSE:Tools to validate all sources, like

we plan to do for Factory.



> Is this just a side-affect of a package link that I shouldn't do for

> source packages, or a bug somewhere else?


A not yet supported case.


Michael is just about to add code to support also this situation.


> thanks,


> greg k-h




Adrian Schroeter

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