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Re: Proposal to remove ftp.linux.org.tr from mirrors list
Ilgaz Öcal wrote:

> Hello.
> ftp.linux.org.tr apperantly soft limits downloads to 2 megabyte/sec
> which is completely unacceptable in today's standards. There is
> absolutely no explanation for this from their side too (I am Turkish,
> can read Turkish lang).

That mirror is actually listed as "CountryOnly" so it should only serve
clients in Turkey. I guess you are in Turkey? From Switzerland, I
also see just less than 2Mb/sec.

> Sorry if I sounded a bit frustrated, it is almost 06 AM here and I am
> struggling catch up with the packages for 3 hours.

Not a problem, you sound quite fine smile.png

I agree 2Mb/sec is not really sufficient these days, but the mirror is
being run by a local users group and it is our only mirror in Turkey.

Per Jessen, Zürich (10.0°C)
Member, openSUSE Heroes.


Just confirming that we got your request. We're on it.