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Re: opensuse.org traffic data from Réunion Island
On 11/05/2022 09.43, Ish Sookun wrote:
> I got a potential mirror sponsor from Réunion island.
> Before setting up the server though, we would like to know if there is
> some data regarding traffic from the island? Is that possible?
zgrep AF:RE download.opensuse.org-20220510-access_log.xz

showed 54 request lines for that geoIP-lookup in those 24h.
Requests came from 5 IP addresses.

However, it is possible that users use a closer mirror directly to avoid
the known problems with high latency towards Nuremberg.
And it is possible that the geoIP DB is incomplete, so there might be
more than those 5 users.

Plus I only checked one day.

Bernhard M.


Just confirming that we got your request. We're on it.