Hi Attila,

Excellent. I came up with the list below. I think  the following could be the first two:

Ludwig Nussel for Leap 15

Richard Brown for openSUSE, openQA and Kubic

The topics below could be rearranged for the show. It a good list to start with and we could add more for things we feel could be appropriate. Some might take a bit more coordination depending on how many people are involved.

On 04/03/2018 07:14 AM, Attila Pinter wrote:

Hi Doug,

So we are very much in April and we are still fairly busy, but would like to make preparations for the show. You mentioned earlier that you have some topics prepared already, would be great to take a look at that. Also trying to figure out some sort of a structure for the "show" such as:
I think 15 to 20 minutes (tops) is an ideal time.
This could be just a short segment of the show. Maybe the first 2 minutes about what's new and what some of the major topics are. We could probably take a bit of this from the mailing lists.
I really think it could be hard for a set amount of time, but I would recommend monthly as every two weeks could really start to take some time.
Will setup the podcast to be available over iTunes, provide some sort of rss feed and happy to host a webserver as the podcast's home. Maybe anything else?
That would be great.

Would appreciate your inputs.

P.S.: @Eric in case you are still interested - but lack the time - in doing the podcast would be more than happy to collaborate ::)


Dominique Leuenberger for Tumbleweed, GNOME Next and VLC

Andrew Wafaa and Andreas Faber about openSUSE on ARM / openSUSE Embedded

Andrew Wafaa for Travel Support Program

Yan Sun for openSUSE Asia

Yan Sun, Ana Maria Martinez, Stella Rouzi and Sarah Julia Kriesch for women in openSUSE and women in open source

Ancor for Jangouts and YaST

Douglas DeMaio for Getting Started with Linux magazine, project outreach and openSUSE Beer

Axel Braun about GNU Health on openSUSE

Christian Bruckmayer and Ana Maria Martinez about Open Build Service

Christian Bruckmayerand Stella Rouz on Open Source Event Manager osem.io

Sean Rickerd for SUSE band

Kai Wagner for openattic

Markus Feilner for openSUSE Documentation

Antonio Larrosa and Luca Beltrame for KDE and KDE Spain

Cornelius Schumacher for Hackweek

Robert Schweikert for openSUSE Cloud images

Michal Hrušecký for Turris Omnia with openSUSE Kernel

Sven Seeberg about raspberry pi cluster with openSUSE