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On Aug 11, 2021, 10:42 PM, Syds Bearda < opensuse@syds.eu> wrote:
Recently we had a discussion on the Project ML regarding “official” wiki and manual for MicroOS Desktop.
As this wiki had not been able to help me in the past when I started with MicroOS for the desktop I decided to take another look at it.
However this official wiki does not mention the desktop and specifics for the desktop at all.
There is no mention that transactional-update is not available by default, no mention of tukit/pkcon and mention of microdnf.
Why is the MicroOS team (as mentioned by this name in the release minutes) so offended by another document helping people in setting up MicroOS desktop?
What in your all knowing mind is the best place for someone to get help with MicroOS for the desktop?
Cause at the
Syds Bearda
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Trust me I understand where you're coming from, I really do, however, emotions are still at large and making decisions or sending mails in that state might not be beneficial for the project on the long run and definitely not in favor of healing tarnished relationships.

Your doc and your personal notes on Telegram helped me and others a lot so let's focus on bettering that bit and ask for a review session after that is done. I'm sure we can expect someone from the project to at least look at it before we put your docs out in the wild ;)