Comment # 20 on bug 1179387 from
(In reply to Takashi Iwai from comment #12)
> Now another question is whether its a kernel regression or not.  If it's a
> regression, which kernel did it work?  We'd need to narrow down the
> regression range.

Attempting on host k8mmv, rv250 Radeon on 64 bit TW to not use
radeon.agpmode=-1, vga= or video=, 
5.3.12 and up reproduced comment #0, and triggered need for hard reset. 5.2.14
produced conflicts and split firmwares trying to install.

Upgrading TW20121014 to TW20121207 on host k8mmv using rv250 Radeon fixed this
for kernel 5.8.15 and 5.9.12. 5.7.11 and older still require radeon.agpmode=-1.

The 32bit Katmai running the rv250 Radeon is currently TW20201127. I am no
longer able to reproduce comment #0 need for radeon.agpmode=-1 to utilize
xf86-video-ati with installed kernels 5.8.15 and 5.9.10. What may have changed
with this installation, other than not being Coppermine, escapes me. It's the
same Gfxcard and PATA HDD installation used for comment #0. Wild guess slim
possibility: today I discovered it has a flaky PS/2 port that I was using for
keyboard. It reached the point where keyboard simply would disappear once past
Grub on 5+ boots in a row. I switched to USB KB, and KB trouble was gone.

So, WFM. I wonder about Xavier?

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