Comment # 7 on bug 1173449 from
(In reply to Takashi Iwai from comment #6)
> Both of you seem to have enabled Secure Boot, and that's the known
> side-effect of the Leap 15.2 kernel.  Now it takes more strict Secure Boot
> lockdown to refuse the unsigned kernels.  You'd need to sign the modules by
> yourself and enable the key via MOK enrollment, or at easiest, just disable
> Secure Boot in the BIOS.
> Optionally, Packman sign the modules by its build server with its own key
> and enroll that public key onto your system.  Or, change the package to do a
> one-time key generation and implement the MOK enrollment.  In anyway, it's
> the Packman's packaging problem.  Please report and discuss with Packman
> people.

Yes, after disabling the secure boot, the WiFi driver seems to work.

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