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(In reply to Holger Sickenberg from comment #10)
> So far my tests on 15.2 with 15.1 kernel are successful - I have not seen
> any crash.

OK, at least it's a good news.

Leap 15.1 kernel is based on 4.12, but the WiFi stack and iwlwifi driver are
almost equivalent with 4.19.

There are a few other older kernels available in OBS home:tiwai:kernel:4.19,
home:tiwai:kernel:4.20, home:tiwai:kernel:5.0, home:tiwai:kernel:5.1 and
home:tiwai:kernel:5.2, corresponding to each kernel version.  If you can find
out which kernel starts regression, it can be a great help.

> Since I do not have an account on, I'd appreciate if you can move
> that issue there.

Then you can report to linux-wireless ML instead, too.  This can be even a
better path :)  But it'd be better to narrow down the regression at first.

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