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Sorry, I forgot about your request.

I did, however, did many tests, reported on the openSUSE user mail list. The
problem was indeed related to syncing the single reiserfs partition, I assume
writing the time stamp metadata: a news server updates access times of thousand
or millions of files, but the actual writing is delayed when the partition is
mounted with relatime,lazytime.

The problem disappeared mostly when I moved the news spool from rotating rust
to a new reiserfs partition on SSD (indicating that the long delay time is
related to head access time), but while the one on rotating rust was mounted
(although unused) I occasionally still saw long sync delays which I could not

The problem disappeared completely when I reformated said reiserfs rotating
rust partition to ext4, and put the news spool back on it (no, btrfs and XFS
are both reported as a bad alternatives for this usage, specially btrfs).

The problem can not be evaluated on 15.3, because on 15.3 reiserfs is not
supported at all (but this is undocumented):

   Unknown filesystem 'reiserfs'

The kernel modules have to be installed, package "reiserfs-kmp-default" with
kernel module for it (plus libreiserfs-0_3-0, libreiserfscore0 and reiserfs).

Once that module is added, an attempt to mount the partition results in:

   mount: /somepartition: WARNING: source write-protected, mount read only.

and in syslog it can be read:

  ... kernel - - - [ 7297.208721] reiserfs: read-write mode is unsupported.
  ... kernel - - - [ 7297.208724] reiserfs: load module with
allow_unsupported=1 to enable read-write mode.

To enable r/w (with unknown consequences aka risks), create file

   options reiserfs       allow_unsupported=1 

and reboot (or perhaps unload and reload the module).

Thus I'm sorry, but I can not do further investigation.

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