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>Did the grub2 menu show? Was there any error message when loading Leap 15.3 kernel?

Yes, the grub2 menu shows just fine.

I then see:

Loading Linux 5.3.18-47-default ...
Loading initial ramdisk ...

And, after that, nothing.  It just stays there showing those lines.

I did install both kernel 5.3.18-lp152.66-default from Leap 15.2, and kernel
-5.11.2-1-default from Tumbleweed.  And those boot as expected.  So I think it
is a difference in the way that kernels are built for the Jump project (or for
SLE) compared to the way that they are built for openSUSE.

Sorry, but I don't know how to add to the "qemu" command.  I'm using KVM and
"virt-manager", so I am not directly running the "qemu" command.

For completeness, I should add that I am booting with
"grub2-i386-efi-2.04-lp152.7.12.1.noarch.rpm" (from Leap 15.2).  Anything newer
will not boot 5.3 kernels (see bug 1177009 ).  Newer grub2 versions will boot
the Tumbleweed kernel, but not the Leap 15.2 kernels.

(Only marginally related -- bug 1183063 seems to also be because of the
difference between how SLE/Jump kernels are built and how openSUSE kernels are

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