Comment # 20 on bug 1173158 from
(In reply to Martin Wilck from comment #19)
> I didn't make myself clear. That "real KMP" I talked about would not trigger
> the rebuild. It would rather rely on KABI, like real KMPs do. If the KABI
> changes, the "real KMP" would need to be rebuilt. I'd hope that wouldn't
> happen too often, at least not on Leap.

We do not check kABI in Leap kernel branches like we do in SLE but as
openSUSE-15.2 shares the codebase (same tarball and patches) with SLE15-SP2,
the risk of breaking kABI in a way that would cause trouble is relatively low.
It would have to be a kABI breakage that would only manifest in parts of the
code which are built in openSUSE-15.2 but not SLE15-SP2.

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