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Comment # 3 on bug 1192623 from
(In reply to Petr Vorel from comment #0)
> Tumbleweed Build 20211110 kernel 5.14.14-2-default (2b5383f) (but it might
> have been failing in 5.13 and older kernels)
> https://openqa.opensuse.org/tests/2029105/file/serial0.txt
> Prints really long stack trace, which begins:
> [ 5211.445898][    C0] sysrq: Show State
> [ 5211.446508][    C0] task:systemd         state:S stack:    0 pid:    1
> ppid:     0 flags:0x00000000

The dumps are reported because someone (the VM monitor, I suppose) pressed

The problem is in the test scripts. Either the test didn't finish or it
finished and noone noticed.

Anyway, does it still happen? If so, the tests need to be investigated, it's
not a kernel fault.

Note also:
NFS: state manager: check lease failed on NFSv4 server with error 13

This is permission denied.

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