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Let me first correct a statement I made in the initial report. I stated that it
looked like the problems did not occur under openSUSE Leap 15.1. More careful
analysis of the log messages showed that the problems did occur under 15.1 as
well, though there were far, far less log messages, which is why I overlooked
them initially.

I started working on a hunch that this may be a firmware issue. So I first
upgraded the firmware of the hard drives to version A925. That did not solve
the problems. Next I upgraded the firmware of the SAS controller card to
version (IT version -- there are two versions of the firmware, one
with simple RAID support, and another that simply exports the disks without
implementing any RAID solutions -- the IT version is the latter). This seems to
have solved the problems. There have been no more error messages since the
firmware upgrade.

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