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(In reply to Takashi Iwai from comment #1)
> Is this a regression from the earlier TW releases?

Can't tell. I got recently access to some old notebooks and thought
having them run Linux is a good idea.

> Also, any chance to try a newer kernel, e.g. the one in OBS Kernel:stable
> repo? 

Since it happens during install it can be a little tricky, but maybe I have
time during weekend.
Or do you have a pointer to a TW installer with a recent kernel?

> FWIW, the stack trace implies that file->f_mapping is NULL and crashes at
> io_is_direct() check.

FWIW, I see a similar issue on a second Intel Atom (ia32) based Lenovo
it crashes also while installing. Sadly so hard that I cannot get anything from
the console.


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