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(In reply to Takashi Iwai from comment #3)
> Is it with x86, or other platform?

x86, AMD Family 17h - AMD Renoir USB 3.1 (AMD Ryzen 4750G)

> I'm asking it because the only generic xhci change between rc6 and rc7 is
> d4a610635400ccc382792f6be69427078541c678
>     xhci: fix bounce buffer usage for non-sg list case
> where is very likely irrelevant, and the rest are platform-specific, either
> for Mediatek, Armada 3720, Renesas, USB gadget and serial quirks, so these
> look irrelevant, either.  So, none of the changes in drivers/usb/* look
> suspicious, through a quick glance.

Right. so why does it do a "reset" continuously? some time ago (not sure which
kernel, some 5.10 or older) it was doing the reset once on boot and then was
ignoring that port. If I understand it correctly, the usb device it complains
about is:

which has no drivers, so it shouldn't do anything, at least not repeatedly? is
there any way to figure out why it keeps trying? Maybe I can make it stop doing
that somehow.

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