Comment # 2 on bug 1180742 from
(In reply to Takashi Iwai from comment #1)
> It's some GPU hang that leads to the real kernel crash.... which happened on
> others sometimes, too.  Unfortunately there is no fix for this and likely
> not for Leap 15.2 kernel.
> Could you try the kernel in OBS Kernel:stable or SLE15-SP3 kernel in OBS
> Kernel:SLE15-SP3?  The latter contains the backport of DRM stack up to 5.9.x.

kernel 5.3.18-100.g3524980 of Kernel:SLES15-SP3 won't boot on this machine
(stuck right after bootloader, not even a single line after "loading initrd" on

Testing with Kernel:stable may require some time.

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