Comment # 13 on bug 1184403 from
(In reply to Dario Faggioli from comment #12)
> Totally agree. What I still don't know (and am trying to figure out) is
> where it is decided what will end up in the install media.
> Like, using this issue as an example, why isn't the firmware package there?
> If it's due to the no-recommends thing... Where is it that we set
> "no-recommends" in such a way that is has this effect?
> Is it, perhaps, here:
> MicroOS.xml#L100 ?

Hm, patterns-microos-onlyDVD seems containing kernel-firmware.  It looks
specific to MicroOS, so I don't know what's the purpose, though...

In the normal installation, kernel-firmware is chosen either via the recommends
from kernel-default (or equivalent), or from patterns-media, as far as I look
though the packages  So, install-recommends is mandatory in that case.

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