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(In reply to Takashi Iwai from comment #23)
> (In reply to Markus Kolb from comment #22)
> > The crash problem still exists in Takashi's development kernel.
> OK, thanks.
> Have you tested the recent upstream kernel (e.g. 5.7.x) at all?  It's find
> in OBS Kernel:stable repo.
> If it moved already to 5.8.x, the latest 5.7.x kernel is found in my kernel
> archive repo OBS home:tiwai:kernel:5.7,
> Ubuntu's bug report mentioned that the bug disappeared after 5.7.x, so this
> should have been confirmed in our side, too.

In 5.8 from Kernel:/stable it doesn't crash.
(But as a side-note virtualbox kernel modules doesn't compile. Works only with
the virtualbox development branch at the moment.)

And I'm pretty sure now that it is related to the power management! It doesn't
crash in 5.3.18-33.1 if there was no S3 suspend. Although it lasts sometimes
very long after the wake up, but it seems to be a requirement for the bug. The
display power management settings doesn't make any difference. Didn't check any
other suspend modes.
I must have remembered it wrong with #c16.

Now I'll check also your 5.7...

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