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(In reply to Miroslav Bene������ from comment #9)
> Still not resolved in upstream according to the reports. Might be worked
> around by disabling the dynamic power management of the GPU or by the GPU
> frequency throttling manipulation.
> Iakov, by any chance, would the latest kernel from Leap 15.4 or the latest
> kernel from OBS Kernel:stable:Backport work better for you? Leap 15.2 is not
> supported anymore, Leap 15.3 is probably not better if I read your feedback
> correctly. Leap 15.4 will be based on v5.14 kernel.

I'm currently using Leap 15.3 with kernel 5.15.13 of Kernel:stable:Backport.
It's better, but still crashes sometimes. With 5.16.x kernels my crashing every
few minutes, but I'm not sure the GPU is the case there. Was not able to
recover any crash logs, so no bug report on that.

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