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I've used the 33.1 version (which seems to be the most crashy) yesterday the
whole day with disabled display power management and no LID close (which would
be S3 mode).

At the end I switched on power management, waited for display off. And used the
system for maybe 30 minutes without crash. Then I closed the LID for S3, opened
it again for wake-up and could only work 5-10 minutes when a crash occurred on
an enter key in VS Code.

I've tried to find out if there is a concrete relation to S3 mode, but it is
not reproducible with just S3 mode. So fresh boot, going to S3 and waking up is
no guarantee for crashing in short time.

Today I try to work with enabled display power management but no LID close, so
no S3. I'll tell you if there is crash or no crash in this situation.

Afterwards I'll install Takashi's development kernel.

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