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(In reply to Takashi Iwai from comment #17)
> Hm, onlyDVD has already Requires: kernel-firmware.  So the firmware packages
> are already on the media, at least.
Yes, I was puzzled about this as well.

And in fact, if I try to configure my wireless network card during
installation, it works.

However, when booting into a freshly installed system, the `kernel-firmware`
package *is not* installed, and hence no network. :-(

Now, can this be due to the fact that, if we check here:

we see that the kernel-fimrware (sub)package does not have any "Supplements:" ?

> I still don't get how you'd make those firmware packages installed without
> the help of hardware supplements.  Certainly we don't want to install them
> unconditionally, right?
What do you mean with "without the need of hardware supplements" ?

My current line of thinking is that, e.g., on this laptop, we would need the
firmware that are in the kernel-firmware-iwlwifi package. On the media, there's
no package that provides the proper "Supplements:". In fact, there is
kernel-firmware there, but it does not come with any "Supplements:" at all, so
it's not installed.

The package that has the proper "Supplements" is indeed
kernel-firmware-iwlwifi, but it's not present on the media, so it's not
installed. But if I put it there, it will be installed, thanks to the fact that
it has the proper "Supplements:" for this hardware.

Or do I have a bug in my reasoning?

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