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(In reply to Dario Faggioli from comment #18)
> My current line of thinking is that, e.g., on this laptop, we would need the
> firmware that are in the kernel-firmware-iwlwifi package. On the media,
> there's no package that provides the proper "Supplements:". In fact, there
> is kernel-firmware there, but it does not come with any "Supplements:" at
> all, so it's not installed.
> The package that has the proper "Supplements" is indeed
> kernel-firmware-iwlwifi, but it's not present on the media, so it's not
> installed. But if I put it there, it will be installed, thanks to the fact
> that it has the proper "Supplements:" for this hardware.
> Or do I have a bug in my reasoning?
As an example that, IMO, this should work, the media seems to have both
ucode-intel and ucode-amd, right? Well, I just checked and on my Intel laptop,
ucode-intel and *only* ucode-intel has been installed.

That seems to me like it could confirm the theory that "Supplements:" work fine
(as ucode-intel was installed while ucode-amd wasn't), but only if the package
with the proper "Supplements:" is available (which in this case means it should
be present in the DVD).

Does this make sense?

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