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Well, this doesn't sound right.  First off, if you want to have the split
kernel-firmware-* packages on the media, keeping Requires:kernel-firmware makes
no sense.  kernel-firmware is an all-in-one package containing the *all* raw
uncompressed firmware files.  You have to drop it from patterns at first.

After that, you can put individual kernel-firmware-* packages -- but only if
you really want to manage that.  For example, with this SR, you still don't put
the kernel-firmware-amdgpu; hence the installation on AMD graphics chip would
lead to a blank screen.  Similarly, the lack of kernel-firmware-bluetooth leads
to the lack of BT, the lack of kernel-firmware-ath11k would miss the recent
Atheros chip, etc, etc.

And, the fact that you have had already kernel-firmware on the media indicate
that the media size won't change so much even if you replace it with
kernel-firmware-all.  kernel-firmware-all is just a meta package of
kernel-firmware-* subpackages, and again, kernel-firmware already contains all
of those files in it without split.  (There is slight difference due to the
compression over compressed files, and of course some overhead due to metadata
amount, but that's all.)

So, my recommendation is to replace Requires:kernel-firmware with
Requires:kernel-firmware-all.  Or if we want to reduce some firmware files,
maybe it's better to create a new pattern-firmware-desktop or such and specify
the needed ones there.  It'll be useful for the normal installation, not only
on MicroOS Desktop, too.

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