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Comment # 4 on bug 1174868 from
We have tested the older kernel: still freezes. I will add "hwinfo" and "dmesg"
outputs to this issue after this comment.

We have now (on SUSE 15.2):
- 1 Thinkpad T480s (with old and new Kernel) that freezes regularly (which i
also cleaned, so there is no dust and the cooling-system looks good to me. this
is btw the only notebook that has a higher temperature)
- 1 Thinkpad T480s that freezes maybe every two days
- 1 Thinkpad T480s that froze now once (since i reported this bug)
- 2 Thinkpad T480s that never froze

What bugs me the most is that "journal --since today" is cut off. Do you know
why this could ever happen?

Since downgrading to SUSE 15.1 is also not really an option (EOL is coming and
we have to migrate at one point) I am as always willing to test anything
because the alternative is to switch maybe to Tumbleweed or completely away.

Can you pinpoint me to the "i915" issue or a repository that we should give a

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