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Comment # 27 on bug 1173085 from
(In reply to Takashi Iwai from comment #26)
> Then we may try another approach.  Instead of backport tons of patches,
> revert / work around the change that caused the probe failure.
> I'm building another test kernel in OBS home:tiwai:bsc1173085-3 repo with a
> downstream patch that allows the default MAC version assignment for your
> chip.
> It's a very small change and less intrusive.
> Let's see whether it works.

This fix (in your kernel-default-5.3.18-8.1.g603a44a.x86_64 package) works! The
Realtek NIC is detected, and wicked is able to bring it UP as expected.

Even though the "unknown chip XID" error is still present in the kernel
messages, I am satisfied with this solution.

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