Hi all

As you know, next week (11-17 May) is openSUSE Community Week. I've tossed together a salad of interesting topics.

* Further packaging workshops for KDE apps
* Develop the desktop default configuration (applets, themes, desktop effects, layouts) for 11.2
* Themed days for solving problems apparent to end users in specific areas of KDE on openSUSE, with upstream developers' participation - Desktop shell and Widgets, Multimedia, PIM, Graphics, Networking
* Administering KDE on openSUSE, a workshop first given to Novell Technical Services on the inner workings of KDE

* Bug squash day(s)

I need to get the timetable for this nailed down so Zonker can publicise this.

Are there particular days/times that we should have particular days on?

I'm not available on the 17th, or on the evening of the 15th (Friday night, you know...).

I suggest we might want to do the desktop configuration meeting on the Saturday as that gives most people chance to parcipate, what do you think?

Also who would like to lead given topics? I'm proposing to lead the Administering session, as it's my presentation, and probably the PIM/Networking days. Any takers for Packaging? Bug squashing? There will be a lot of KDE 4.1 bugs that can be killed by having UNSTABLE:Desktop to test against. I will make my tutorials available for that. (Note this is addressed to everyone who counts themselves as an openSUSE-kde community member, and doesn't mean you have to spend the entire day chained to an IRC session, just be around and keep it lively from time to time).