Yeah the CD will mount fine on the system I am installing on. Sorry I had so much to say it was hard to make it all clear.

>From the ALT-F2 tty I can mount the CD but the install still will not accept. When mounted it changes the error message to the second message I received.

Also I have burned at least 30 other Operating Systems with the same CD's and burners without problems. The SLES isos I obtained from IBM but the 7.2 isos I got directly from SuSE, both I burned myself, checked MD5 sums and mounted.

If I can tell the install to mount iso9660 or to accept the CD as mounted it would allow me to pass this stopping point. No changes I have made to config files in /etc seem to affect the installer.


> writes:
>|> I have tried installing SuSE 7.2 and SLES 7 and I get the exact same
>|> problem. This is on two different IBM Intellistation Itanium machines.
>|> The first CD installs, machine reboots, and then it prompts for the second
>|> CD.
>|> Upon entering the second CD I get an error - Could not mount source media.
>|> "mount: block device /dev/hda is write-protected, mounting read-only mount:
>|> you must specify filesystem type".
>Are you sure the CD is ok? Can you mount it on another systems?