Damn, I just logged in there last week and forgot to update, I'm on it

Am 27. November 2021 14:26:53 MEZ schrieb Lars Vogdt <lars@linux-schulserver.de>:
As you might have seen it on https://status.opensuse.org/ : the (synapse-)matrix service on matrix.o.o is currently down by intention. 

As the service configuration - and probably the whole setup - differs in comparison to the package containing the latest (security) fixes, we decided to turn the service off instead of risking anything. Now we're waiting for someone (you?) to update the service...

Dear admins: please keep your services up-to date and secure all the time. We are already trying our best to keep the underlying OS up to date for you. But that does not help, if the admins of the services are not doing their job.

Our current infrastructure policy[1] hasn't changed since 2020. So there shouldn't be anything new in it for our admins. -> please follow the rules.


[1]: https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Infrastructure_policy

LCP [Sasi]