Seems not much activity on this thread?
I have Suse 8 installed (Text mode) on a Pentium 200 with 32 Mb RAM.
I want to get AX25 to work with a serial baycom modem for packet radio. My callsign is ZS6BNE in South Africa.
When installing AX25 using YAST2 the software is installed , but where do I go from here?
Is it nescessary to recompile the kernal as many of the "How to's" state?
Any guidelines for the Baycom would be most welcome.
I have installed LinPac which complains that the AX25 ports have not been set up.
Looking forward to any comments and suggestions. (Please don't ask me to use the How to , I've been down that road and it is too complex.  :o)  ) I'm looking for a practical , working solution.
Looking forward to your reply,
Eddie Leighton , Lichtenburg , South Africa.