Sorry, no
It breaks other things.
Among quaternion.


Am 4. Februar 2023 17:00:37 MEZ schrieb Ulf <>:
Hi Maintainer,

is it possible to update the version from Qt lib libQuotient [1] from v0.6.11
to v0.7.1 (or newer)?

As KDE user I use for Matrix the NeoChat [2] App. But this are only able to do
encryption in case the v0.7 from libQuotient is used. Especially if KDE/Plasma
changes from 5.26 to 5.27 in the next days, this will be a big benefit for the
KDE/Plasma fans at openSUSE (according my knowledge in EU and especially in DE
many users use KDE, so it was the default in the past).