On 4/9/21 2:48 PM, Michael Ströder wrote:
On 4/9/21 11:33 PM, Matěj Cepl wrote:
Dne 09. 04. 21 v 23:30 Michael Ströder napsal(a):
Could you please elaborate what the big advantage of SELinux would be?
Improved security and more granular rights for openSUSE (as Fedora/RHEL
have it).
And an insane CPU and I/O load when updating the SELinux profiles... At
least that's my experience with CentOS.

But sorry, I don't buy this broad statement regarding better security.

I'm certainly no expert in these matters, but I have customized some
AppArmor profiles in the past. 

Years ago I looked at comparisons between AppArmor and SELinux and I
found one reference that claimed that overall, AppArmor gave better
security because it's easier to maintain and customize.  They said that
SELinux gives better potential security, but only if people know how
to do it, and not many have that knowledge and inclination.