The /sbin/installkernel script was moved to the kernel-install-tools package, which is already available for download.

From: Bernhard M. Wiedemann
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2021 5:14 AM
To:; Antonio Feijoo
Subject: Re: Missing installkernel utility

On 26/10/2021 02.54, Larry Finger wrote:
> With a recent Tumbleweed snapshot (probably 20211023), the utility
> installkernel was removed from /usr/sbin. Without this code, a kernel
> 'make install' returns "Cannot find LILO.". I could not tell if I was in
> a decades-long time warp, or if Linda Walsh had gained control. Copying
> the one from my Leap 15.3 partition restored the functionality.
> In Leap 15.3, this file is in the dracut package, but definitey missing
> in Tumbleweed.

 remove /sbin/installkernel script from dracut package

That came in via
but unfortunately, not with a good git-style commit message that
explains the "Why?"

I wonder if a symlink of installkernel to /usr/bin/true would also work.

Bernhard M.