On Mon, Sep 26, 2022, 11:55 AM Lubos Kocman <lubos.kocman@suse.com> wrote:
Hello openSUSE!

sorry to yet again for the thread but this time I think this time we
have some really good news!

   1. Community (and mostly -v2 internal infra) was heard ALP will have
      minimal architecture baselines set to x86_64-v2, according to
      DimStar Factory will adopt the change first!

SUSE plans to investigate hwcaps for v3 and potentially v4 support.
Users of v1 can still use our 32 bit Intel images/rpms.

This also means that we won't have to figure out how to do a reasonable
benchmark in between v1 and v3! :)

Slightly more in

Happy Hacking!

This is great to hear!