On 11/02/2022 20:45, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Frans de Boer <frans@fransdb.nl> [02-11-22 14:37]:

Another issue with KDE/Plasma under TW since a recent update.

Many windows are now starting in the center of the screen, instead of prior
positions. Then again, some are still starting at the prior position on the

This is rather annoying since I have to reposition windows every time when
starting an utility or program. So, either many utilities and programs have
lost the code to position their starting window at the prior positions, or
KDE/Plasma has a bug.
you have set specific locations using the dropdown -> more actions ->
 configure special window settings

all mine "that I have set" remember their designated positions.

No, I did not. Using System Setting -> Window Behavior -> Advanced, there is an option "Allow apps to remember the positions of their own windows".

It used to work before, now for many apps not anymore.

--- Frans.