>>> hvogel@opensuse.org 10-08-2006 19:36 >>>
>1.9 Reply-To munging
>We do not "munge" the mail headers by inserting a "Reply-To:
><listname>@opensuse.org" anymore because it makes it more difficult
>subscribers to handle the mail the way they want to.  Your mail client
>probably has a "reply" function as well as a "reply to all" or "reply to
>list" one; Please use the latter if you want you message to go to the
>list and not just to the original poster.
That's in fact something I will really miss in the near future. It was so conveniant to be able just to reply to a message and not to worry that the reply went to the mailing list.
Most of the time exactlythis IS the requested feature. In very rare circumstances, users want and should reply to the auther itself. Even if it's about a technical question, a solution for a specific problem: still the community and future users might be interested in a solution, especially when googling, they might have chances to find it.
What do others think about this on that list?