Thank you for the workaround.

I am writing an extension to re-introduce this visual distinction to our Bugzilla implementation. I have a bug for this enhancement in the internal Bugzilla product, but feel free to create one in the product Bugzilla component with your workaround so that the line of communication is available for the open source users.

Thank you,

Ryan Wilson

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>>> Christian Boltz <> 9/29/2014 2:51 PM >>>

Am Montag, 22. September 2014 schrieb Christian Boltz:
> - in the bug list, the bugs are no longer colored by severity (for
>   example, "major" bugs were orange and "enhancement" were green)
>   To answer the expected question: in the preferences, I have
>       list_color: Site Default (color_severity)
>   Using color_priority doesn't change or "paint" anything.

In the meantime, I found a workaround for this:
I told my browser to honor a local file named "user.css" [1], and added
the following lines to it:

    .bz_buglist .bz_Minor       { color: blue    !important; }
    .bz_buglist .bz_Major       { color: #FF7700 !important; }
    .bz_buglist .bz_Critical    { color: red     !important; }
    .bz_buglist .bz_Enhancement { color: green   !important; }

Ryan, can you add this to the "official" bugzilla CSS file, please?
(Without the "!important", that's only needed for user.css.)

I'm also interested in feedback to the other things I mentioned in my
previous mail - if you handle them as bugreports, please CC me ;-)


Christian Boltz

[1] search for a config option like "custom stylesheet" - the exact
    wording depends on the browser you use

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