I would say NO many desktops that are used fail under wayland

MATE and Cinnamon are two.

I would say the installer should ask if you want wayland or X - not force wayland on you like Ubuntu has in 21 and have had many going back to 20 since 21 broke so much. Do it sort of like the way you can avoid btrfs by choosing to format ext4 instead.

On 12/11/21 10:48 AM, Vortex Acherontic wrote:
Hey everyone how are you doing? :)

Recently I've read that Fedora will (once again?) try to make Wayland
their default display server.

I was wondering if something similar is planed for openSUSE as well?
Maybe for the Gnome and KDE system role options?

Since nvidia finally gave in and added GBM support to their proprietary
driver, Gnome to support it with version 41.2 and KDE probably will do
so as well if they not already doing so?

I thought it might be finally the case that Wayland can be used as a
default as the last showstopper, nvidia, finally got their stuff
sorted, it seems.

Would like to hear what going on behind the scenes or if there are any
reasons I did not though of to not make Wayland the default?

Kind regards,