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1. Community (and mostly -v2 internal infra) was heard ALP will have
minimal architecture baselines set to x86_64-v2, according to
DimStar Factory will adopt the change first!

Of the benchmarks done by mjambor, there were no compelling benchmark
results that speak for v2. To give you a reminder:


The primary driver for upgrading the ISA level wasn't for performance.

But then, what was, and why is that something rated higher than a performance

For a business there's always marketing (and there comparing with

On the official website of SUSE [1] I can read:

At SUSE, we believe we all bear a responsibility to preserve our planet for
generations to come. We want to be part of the solution to the challenges
facing our world.

So the capability to run an older system and thus to avoid having to throw it
away and to harm the environment by that action should be supported actively
by SUSE.

Seems marketing is more important than SUSE's focus areas.


[1]: https://www.suse.com/esg/
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