9 November 2021


Bugzilla Outage for Maintenance Update




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Bugzilla Outage planned for Thursday the 9th of December between 10:00 and 10:30 CET

Bugzilla has a regular maintenance window every Thursday between 7-11 CET. This week’s maintenance update will result in a brief thirty-minute outage.

What is this update?

This update will result in the "found by" field no longer being labeled as "Novell Technical Services" and the name will be changed to "SUSE Technical Services". 

Additionally, the obsolete URL link that takes users to the "Innerweb.novell.com" will be removed. When the user clicks on "Found By" or "Service Priority" they will no longer be taken to the Novell Intranet login page.

Call to Action?

Take note of the outage time and avoid attempting to login during the 30-minute window on Thursday the 9th between 10 and 10:30 CET.


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