Dear All,

after updating to this snapshot I'm no longer able to mount my luks encrypted home, which was perfectly mounted on login per pam before.

The command-line I used to mount upon today is:
mount -t crypt -ofsk_cipher=aes-256-cbc -ofsk_hash=md5 -okeyfile=/home/franks.key -ofsck /home/franks.img /home/franks

The error message is:
mount: /home/franks: unknown filesystem type 'crypt'

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance,

Am Mi., 25. Nov. 2020 um 01:01 Uhr schrieb Dominique Leuenberger <>:

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug
on For more information on filing bugs please

Packages changed:
  binutils (2.35 -> 2.35.1)
  bison (3.7.3 -> 3.7.4)
  gcc10 (10.2.1+git872 -> 10.2.1+git958)
  hwinfo (21.70 -> 21.71)
  ipset (7.6 -> 7.9)
  libyui (3.12.1 -> 3.12.2)
  libyui-qt (2.56.2 -> 2.56.3)
  lz4 (1.9.2 -> 1.9.3)
  pam (1.4.0 -> 1.5.0)
  perl-HTTP-Cookies (6.08 -> 6.09)
  python-passlib (1.7.2 -> 1.7.4)
  systemd-default-settings (0.4 -> 0.5)
  tcsh (6.22.02 -> 6.22.03)
  usbutils (012 -> 013)
  xprop (1.2.4 -> 1.2.5)
  yast2-alternatives (4.2.3 -> 4.3.0)
  yast2-bootloader (4.3.15 -> 4.3.16)
  yast2-firstboot (4.3.7 -> 4.3.8)
  yast2-journal (4.2.2 -> 4.3.0)
  yast2-network (4.3.27 -> 4.3.28)
  yast2-nis-client (4.3.4 -> 4.3.5)
  yast2-ruby-bindings (4.3.9 -> 4.3.11)
  yast2-storage-ng (4.3.20 -> 4.3.22)
  yast2-trans (84.87.20201108.e4c58f8262 -> 84.87.20201122.ac554fbdd6)
  yast2-ycp-ui-bindings (4.3.6 -> 4.3.7)
  zbar (0.23 -> 0.23.1)

=== Details ===

==== binutils ====
Version update (2.35 -> 2.35.1)
Subpackages: libctf-nobfd0 libctf0

- Reapply spec file cleanup from format_spec_file
- Remove a SLE10 version check
- Update to 2.35.1 and rebased branch diff:
  * This is a point release over the previous 2.35 version, containing bug
  fixes, and as an exception to the usual rule, one new feature.  The
  new feature is the support for a new directive in the assembler:
  ".nop".  This directive creates a single no-op instruction in whatever
  encoding is correct for the target architecture.  Unlike the .space or
  .fill this is a real instruction, and it does affect the generation of
  DWARF line number tables, should they be enabled.

==== bison ====
Version update (3.7.3 -> 3.7.4)
Subpackages: bison-lang

- GNU bison 3.7.4:
  * In Yacc mode, YYEMPTY token was missing its macro definiton
  * Fix skeleton internal assertions
  * Make macro YY_ASSERT obey the api.prefix %define variable
  * Work around C++ limitations for long assertions
  * The YYBISON macro in generated "regular C parsers" is now
    defined to the version of Bison as an integer

==== cifs-utils ====

- prepare usrmerge (boo#1029961)

==== cryptsetup ====
Subpackages: cryptsetup-lang libcryptsetup12 libcryptsetup12-32bit libcryptsetup12-hmac

- prepare usrmerge (boo#1029961)

==== fuse3 ====
Subpackages: libfuse3-3

- Drop /sbin links; they do not seem to be used from anywhere.
- Package "permission" is required in %post, not %pre.
- Update descriptions.

==== gcc ====
Subpackages: cpp gcc-info libstdc++-devel

- BuildRequire packages we build symlinks to.  [bsc#1178675]

==== gcc10 ====
Version update (10.2.1+git872 -> 10.2.1+git958)
Subpackages: cpp10 gcc10-info gcc10-locale libasan6 libatomic1 libgcc_s1 libgcc_s1-32bit libgfortran5 libgomp1 libitm1 liblsan0 libobjc4 libquadmath0 libstdc++6 libstdc++6-32bit libstdc++6-devel-gcc10 libstdc++6-locale libstdc++6-pp-gcc10 libstdc++6-pp-gcc10-32bit libtsan0 libubsan1

- Add gcc10-amdgcn-llvm-as.patch to fix build of amdgcn offload
  compiler with llvm11.
- Update to gcc-10 branch head (98ba03ffe0b9f37b4916ce6238), git958.
  * Includes fix for memcpy miscompilation on aarch64.
    [bsc#1178624, bsc#1178577]
- Fix 32bit link.  [bsc#1178675]

==== gnome-software ====
Subpackages: gnome-software-lang libgnomesoftware-3_38_0

- Added gnome-packagekit as recommended dependency:
  gnome-software-launch-gpk-update-viewer-for-updates.patch needs
  gnome-packagekit to work (SLE only).

==== hwinfo ====
Version update (21.70 -> 21.71)

- merge gh#openSUSE/hwinfo#89
- rework network device detection on aarch64 (bsc#1177600,
- 21.71

==== ipset ====
Version update (7.6 -> 7.9)
Subpackages: libipset13

- Update to release 7.9
  * Enable memory accounting for ipset allocations
  * Expose the initval hash parameter to userspace
  * Add bucketsize parameter to all hash types
  * Support the -exist flag with the destroy command

==== libvirt ====
Subpackages: libvirt-bash-completion libvirt-client libvirt-daemon libvirt-daemon-driver-interface libvirt-daemon-driver-libxl libvirt-daemon-driver-lxc libvirt-daemon-driver-network libvirt-daemon-driver-nodedev libvirt-daemon-driver-nwfilter libvirt-daemon-driver-qemu libvirt-daemon-driver-secret libvirt-daemon-driver-storage libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-core libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-disk libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi-direct libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-logical libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-mpath libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-rbd libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-scsi libvirt-daemon-lxc libvirt-daemon-qemu libvirt-daemon-xen libvirt-libs

- spec: Remove creation of libvirt group and add Requires to the
  libvirt group created with GID 108 by the system-group-libvirt

==== libyui ====
Version update (3.12.1 -> 3.12.2)

- Higher priority for toplevel menu shortcuts (bsc#1175489)
- Dropped support for openSUSE 13.2 (or earlier) builds in .spec file
- 3.12.2

==== libyui-qt ====
Version update (2.56.2 -> 2.56.3)

- Honor menu bar toplevel menu enabled/disabled and visibility state
  (boo#1178394 again)
- 2.56.3

==== libzip ====

- Use full _libdir path in libzip.pc

==== lz4 ====
Version update (1.9.2 -> 1.9.3)
Subpackages: liblz4-1 liblz4-1-32bit

- Update to release 1.9.3
  * api: LZ4_decompress_safe_partial() now supports unknown
    compressed size
  * api: improved LZ4F_compressBound() with automatic flushing
  * cli: multiple files are compressed now using the legacy format

==== nvme-cli ====

- Drop '-f' option with %service_del_postun
  This option shouldn't be needed besides very few special cases. But
  this package doesn't seem to belong to this category.

==== pam ====
Version update (1.4.0 -> 1.5.0)
Subpackages: pam-32bit pam-doc

- Update to 1.5.0
  - obsoletes pam-bsc1178727-initialize-daysleft.patch
  - Multiple minor bug fixes, portability fixes, and documentation improvements.
  - Extended libpam API with pam_modutil_check_user_in_passwd function.
  - pam_faillock: changed /run/faillock/$USER permissions from 0600 to 0660.
  - pam_motd: read motd files with target user credentials skipping unreadable ones.
  - pam_pwhistory: added a SELinux helper executable.
  - pam_unix, pam_usertype: implemented avoidance of certain timing attacks.
  - pam_wheel: implemented PAM_RUSER fallback for the case when getlogin fails.
  - pam_env: Reading of the user environment is deprecated and will be removed
    at some point in the future.
  - libpam: pam_modutil_drop_priv() now correctly sets the target user's
    supplementary groups, allowing pam_motd to filter messages accordingly
- Refresh pam-xauth_ownership.patch
- pam_tally2-removal.patch: Re-add pam_tally2 for deprecated sub-package
- pam_cracklib-removal.patch: Re-add pam_cracklib for deprecated sub-package
- pam_cracklib: added code to check whether the password contains
  a substring of of the user's name of at least <N> characters length
  in some form.
  This is enabled by the new parameter "usersubstr=<N>"
  [jsc#SLE-16719, jsc#SLE-16720, pam-pam_cracklib-add-usersubstr.patch]
- pam_xauth.c: do not free() a string which has been (successfully)
  passed to putenv().
  [bsc#1177858, pam-bsc1177858-dont-free-environment-string.patch]
- Initialize pam_unix pam_sm_acct_mgmt() local variable "daysleft"
  to avoid spurious (and misleading)
    Warning: your password will expire in ... days.
  fixed upstream with commit db6b293046a
  [bsc#1178727, pam-bsc1178727-initialize-daysleft.patch]
- Enable pam_faillock [bnc#1171562]
- /usr/bin/xauth chokes on the old user's $HOME being on an NFS
  file system. Run /usr/bin/xauth using the old user's uid/gid
  Patch courtesy of Dr. Werner Fink.
  [bsc#1174593, pam-xauth_ownership.patch]
- Fix the regexp to get a real variable
  list (boo#1164274).
- Revert the previous change [SR#815713].
  The group is not necessary for PAM functionality but used only
  during testing. The test system should therefore create this group.
  [bsc#1171016, pam.spec]
- Add requirement for group "wheel" to spec file.
  [bsc#1171016, pam.spec]

==== perl ====
Subpackages: perl-base perl-doc

- Correct perl license
  According to perl is licensed under the
  artistic license or the GPL 1.0 or later

==== perl-HTTP-Cookies ====
Version update (6.08 -> 6.09)

- updated to 6.09
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-HTTP-Cookies/Changes
  6.09      2020-11-19 22:20:47Z
  - Allow HttpOnly cookies to be loaded by HTTP::Cookies::Netscape (GH#63)
    (Charlie Hothersall-Thomas)

==== python-passlib ====
Version update (1.7.2 -> 1.7.4)

- Update URL to
- Add optional dependencies: Django, apache2-utils
- Update %check to report skipped tests
- Update to v0.7.4
  * updated tests to pass for Django 1.8 - 3.1
  * CryptContext will now throw UnknownHashError when it can't
    identify a hash provided to methods such as CryptContext.verify
    Previously it would throw a generic :exc:`ValueError`.
- from v1.7.3
  * ldap_salted_sha512 LDAP "salted hash" support added for SHA-256
    and SHA-512
  * bcrypt: Fixed Python 3 OS native backend detection on BSD platforms
  * safe_crypt added support for crypt.crypt unexpectedly returning
    bytes under Python 3
  * safe_crypt added support for crypt.crypt throwing OSError
    which can happen as of Python 3.9
  * passlib.ext.django fixed lru_cache import for Django 3 compatibility
  * bcrypt_sha256 Internal algorithm has been changed to use HMAC-SHA256
    instead of plain SHA256
  * bcrypt OS native backend ("os_crypt") now raises the new
    PasswordValueError if password is provided as non-UTF8 bytes
  * lookup_hash's required=False kwd was modified to report unsupported
    hashes via the HashInfo.supported attribute; rather than letting
    ValueErrors through uncaught.
  * Various Python 3.9 compatibility fixes

==== qemu ====
Subpackages: qemu-arm qemu-block-curl qemu-block-dmg qemu-block-gluster qemu-block-iscsi qemu-block-nfs qemu-block-rbd qemu-block-ssh qemu-chardev-baum qemu-guest-agent qemu-hw-display-qxl qemu-hw-usb-redirect qemu-hw-usb-smartcard qemu-ipxe qemu-ksm qemu-kvm qemu-lang qemu-microvm qemu-ppc qemu-s390 qemu-seabios qemu-sgabios qemu-skiboot qemu-tools qemu-ui-curses qemu-ui-gtk qemu-ui-spice-app qemu-vgabios qemu-vhost-user-gpu qemu-x86

- A patch has been applied to virt-manager to handle qemu spice
  related modules not being present, so undo the change from Sep
  30, 2020. Once again qemu-hw-display-qxl and qemu-hw-usb-redirect
  are Recommends and not Required by the qemu package
  (boo#1157320 boo#1176517, boo#1178141)
- For jsc#SLE-11629, change qemu, qemu-tools, and qemu-guest-agent
  to rely on system-user-qemu and system-group-kvm to provide now
  static system UIDs and GID's for qemu user and group, and kvm
  group. This will make guest migration more seamless for new
  installations since there is no chance of having required ID's
  differ in value.

==== rsyslog ====

- fix location and naming of journald dropin (bsc#1178288)

==== system-users ====
Subpackages: system-group-hardware system-group-wheel system-user-bin system-user-daemon system-user-ftp system-user-games system-user-lp system-user-mail system-user-man system-user-news system-user-nobody system-user-tftp system-user-upsd system-user-uucp system-user-wwwrun

- Add qemu user to kvm group
- Add system account and groups for kvm, qemu, and libvirt
  New files: system-group-kvm.conf, system-group-libvirt.conf,

==== systemd-default-settings ====
Version update (0.4 -> 0.5)
Subpackages: systemd-default-settings-branding-SLE systemd-default-settings-branding-openSUSE

- Issue a daemon-reload in %post of the main package
- Import 0.5
  0c5e241 SLE: turn off RemoveIPC by default for logind (fate#320125)
  cb6914f SLE: restore ProtectHostname=no for udevd (bsc#1178374)
  7e332a6 Add a header in all each drop-ins
  465e1c7 Makefile: simplify 'archive' target

==== tcsh ====
Version update (6.22.02 -> 6.22.03)
Subpackages: tcsh-lang

- Update to tcsh bug fix version V6.22.03 - 20201118
  * Fix $x:q:h and $x:q:t to not crash (alzwded) with strings containing /
  * Block SIGHUP while writing history/directory stack (Brett Frankenberger)
  * Fixed reversed test that broke history merging (Brett Frankenberger)
  * Prevent recursive entry for writing history (Brett Frankenberger)
  * alxwded@github, keep track of the :g and :a modifiers per modifier they
  * alzwded@github, fix infinite loop with :gas variable modifier
  * PR/88: Add a Q: modifier that preserves empty arguments leaving :q
- Port the patches to V6.22.03
  * tcsh-6.15.00-pipe.dif
  * tcsh-6.17.06-dspmbyte.dif
  * tcsh-6.18.03-catalogs.dif
  * tcsh-6.22.02-local-dotlock.dif
- Remove patches now upstream
  * tcsh-6.22.02-double_tilde.dif
  * tcsh-6.22.02-history-merge.dif
  * tcsh-6.22.02-workaround-common.patch
- Make test suite work
- prepare usrmerge (boo#1029961)

==== tk ====

- Fix manpage symlink for wish8.6.

==== usbutils ====
Version update (012 -> 013)

- Update to version 013:
  * do not mention usb.ids
  * usb-devices.1: don't mention bash
  * usbhid-dump: move manpage to main directory out of subdir
  * usbhid-dump.8: add SPDX header
  * usbhid-dump.8: autogenerate it with the usbutils version number
  * usbhid-dump: add SPDX identifiers to all files.
  * usbhid-dump: remove libusb.h libusb_strerror() implementation
  * usbhid-dump: remove lib directory
  * usbhid-dump: move .h files into src/ directory
  * add usbhid-dump.8 to distclean list
  * usbhid-dump: some autoconf cleanup
  * usbhid-dump: remove some dev_list functions that were never used
  * dump_audiostreaming_interface(): remove unused variable
  * usbmisc: initialize string buffer before reading from device.
  * drop trailing space on non-hub devices
  * strip whitespace from device strings
  * lsusb(8): fix formatting
  * lsusb(8): document --tree
  * remove private paths for usb.ids
  * Additional device classes for usb-devices script
  * usbhid-dump: Do not use rindex
  * Move read_sysfs_prop() from names.c to its own file
  * sysfs: Don't return bogus data for devices under a hub
  * lsusb: Use vendor and product name fallback logic in -D mode too
  * lsusb: Get manufacturer, product, and serial from sysfs
  * bootstrap: change /bin/bash to /bin/sh
  * lsusb: fix two typos in UVC Extension Unit descriptor
  * usbhid-dump: Put back autoconf check for libusb_set_option()

==== xprop ====
Version update (1.2.4 -> 1.2.5)

- Update to version 1.2.5
  * Add missing `-help` function
  * Make output with unknown width terminal the same as old code
  * Free string list returned from XmbTextPropertyToTextList
  * Correct icon buffer width computation for truecolor terminals
  * Check return value from ioctl(TIOCGWINSZ)
  * Don't display icons if they would line-wrap.
  * Break down memory allocation logic and fix overallocating for UTF8.
  * Fix aspect ratio for icon display by using two characters per icon pixel.
  * Support true color output for icons if the terminal advertises it.
  * Fix formatting of back-to-back not shown icons.

==== yast2-alternatives ====
Version update (4.2.3 -> 4.3.0)

- Handle properly help command for alternatives client
- 4.3.0

==== yast2-bootloader ====
Version update (4.3.15 -> 4.3.16)

- Make wording in summary more consistent
  (related to jsc#SLE-16033)
- 4.3.16

==== yast2-firstboot ====
Version update (4.3.7 -> 4.3.8)

- Removed duplicated lan client from the firstboot control file and
  modified the firstboot_dhcp_setup client using the installation
  dhcp setup client directly (bsc#1177797)
- 4.3.8

==== yast2-journal ====
Version update (4.2.2 -> 4.3.0)

- print properly help to avoid accidental opening of module by bash
  completion (bsc#1172340)
- 4.3.0

==== yast2-network ====
Version update (4.3.27 -> 4.3.28)

- Fixed detection of connection configuration changes (bsc#1178950)
- 4.3.28
- bnc#1175360
  - more robust AY profile parser. Do not crash with internal error
    on unknown node in interfaces section
  - support for static configurations without ip address
- bnc#1175206
  - support for defined default when missing bootproto in AY

==== yast2-nis-client ====
Version update (4.3.4 -> 4.3.5)

- Do not ask for package installation when CLI help is called
- 4.3.5

==== yast2-ruby-bindings ====
Version update (4.3.9 -> 4.3.11)

- Removed Requires / BuildRequires to libyui (build failure)
  (related to bsc#1175489)
- 4.3.11
- Added UI test for menu bar shortcut priority (bsc#1175489)
- 4.3.10

==== yast2-storage-ng ====
Version update (4.3.20 -> 4.3.22)

- print properly help to avoid accidental opening of module by bash
  completion (bsc#1172340)
- 4.3.22
- Improved error handling for mounting /sys/firmware/efi/efivars
  - Also check in /proc/filesystems if efivarfs is supported
  - Don't throw exception if a mount fails, just display a warning
- 4.3.21

==== yast2-trans ====
Version update (84.87.20201108.e4c58f8262 -> 84.87.20201122.ac554fbdd6)
Subpackages: yast2-trans-af yast2-trans-ar yast2-trans-bg yast2-trans-bn yast2-trans-bs yast2-trans-ca yast2-trans-cs yast2-trans-cy yast2-trans-da yast2-trans-de yast2-trans-el yast2-trans-en_GB yast2-trans-es yast2-trans-et yast2-trans-fa yast2-trans-fi yast2-trans-fr yast2-trans-gl yast2-trans-gu yast2-trans-hi yast2-trans-hr yast2-trans-hu yast2-trans-id yast2-trans-it yast2-trans-ja yast2-trans-jv yast2-trans-ka yast2-trans-km yast2-trans-ko yast2-trans-lo yast2-trans-lt yast2-trans-mk yast2-trans-mr yast2-trans-nb yast2-trans-nl yast2-trans-pa yast2-trans-pl yast2-trans-pt yast2-trans-pt_BR yast2-trans-ro yast2-trans-ru yast2-trans-si yast2-trans-sk yast2-trans-sl yast2-trans-sr yast2-trans-sv yast2-trans-ta yast2-trans-th yast2-trans-tr yast2-trans-uk yast2-trans-vi yast2-trans-wa yast2-trans-xh yast2-trans-zh_CN yast2-trans-zh_TW yast2-trans-zu

- Update to version 84.87.20201122.ac554fbdd6:
  * Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil))
  * Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil))
  * Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil))
  * Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil))
  * Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil))
  * Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
  * Translated using Weblate (Slovak)
  * Translated using Weblate (Japanese)
  * Translated using Weblate (Dutch)
  * Translated using Weblate (Catalan)
  * New POT for text domain 'nis'.
  * New POT for text domain 'journal'.
  * Translated using Weblate (Slovak)
  * Translated using Weblate (Dutch)
  * Translated using Weblate (Dutch)
  * Translated using Weblate (Catalan)
  * Translated using Weblate (Catalan)
  * Translated using Weblate (Japanese)
  * Translated using Weblate (Japanese)
  * New POT for text domain 'storage'.
  * New POT for text domain 'alternatives'.
  * Translated using Weblate (Slovak)
  * Translated using Weblate (Dutch)
  * Translated using Weblate (Catalan)
  * Translated using Weblate (Japanese)
  * New POT for text domain 'bootloader'.
  * New POT for text domain 'firstboot'.
- Update to version 84.87.20201114.32b95e799c:
  * Translated using Weblate (Italian)
  * New POT for text domain 'base'.
  * Translated using Weblate (Indonesian)
  * Translated using Weblate (Indonesian)
  * Translated using Weblate (Indonesian)
  * Translated using Weblate (Indonesian)
  * Translated using Weblate (Indonesian)
  * New POT for text domain 'users'.
  * New POT for text domain 'storage'.
  * New POT for text domain 'control'.
  * Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil))

==== yast2-ycp-ui-bindings ====
Version update (4.3.6 -> 4.3.7)

- Extended MenuBar-shortcut-test example to test shortcut priority
- 4.3.7

==== zbar ====
Version update (0.23 -> 0.23.1)

- Update to version 0.23.1
  * Add i18n translation support and add a pt_BR translation
  * Change default to autodetect python and gtk versions
  * Some documentation updates
  * Add support for binary data extraction
  * Add support for raw decoding without charset conversions
  * Add one shot scanning mode
  * Fix help messages
  * Fix some makefile issues
  * Fix error detection in video4linux read
  * Fix pkgconfig for zbar-qt5
  * Fix a double-free condition
- Add 0002-get-rid-of-gettext_h.patch
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