On 9/12/23 11:34, Michal Suchánek wrote:
There are additional tools that you can use - add zypper lock to not
install the broken version, disable the purge-kernels service to keep
all kernels until your disk fills with them.


Thanks for that info, however, I might not become aware that an issue exists until AFTER then newer kernel is installed and I don't think locking kernel-default would
be a good idea.   I also would not want to add more manual effort to cleanup older kernels that are no longer needed.

None of those solutions or even my manually modifying /etc/zypp/zypp.conf can provide the latest LTS kernel in TW because of what I explained in my earlier reply where a LTS kernel
may have newer fixes than the last LTS kernel version seen in TW because TW moved to a newer kernel version.

It's not like I have had lots of kernel issues, but having the latest LTS kernel would be a quick and easy way to verify whether a problem is kernel related or not and having the
kernel-lts package would make it so that if a user installed that package they would not have to worry about it being purged and it would also be the latest version of the LTS kernel
that is available.

Compiling and managing myself is something that I'd rather not have to do.