If you want to allow the publishing of student websites while retaining control, have a look at Site@School:
aimed at primary schools officially, but it might fit the bill for you.
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More awake now. Sorry for the there when I meant their earlier ;)
On Wednesday 06 October 2004 09:13, Paul Graydon wrote:
> Wouldn't this allow everyone to see each others home directory?
Not if the staff share is only viewable by the staff group.  That is how it is
set up here.

> That could add another dimension to copying someones answers..
At the end of the day this can be done at any level at any time.  We have
actually got a swap drive for pupils to share work ideas etc.  Can be a pain
but more useful than a problem.  Very useful if you are half way through a
task and one of the little darlings hoses their work.  I normally introduce
it to them with the comment "this will help you cheat".  At the end of the
day it is about training them not to do it.
> Plus I'd be extremely cautious about what was being hosted in the way
> of websites by the dearly beloved clientel.  We have enough hassles
> keeping an eye out on what they're sharing using pen drives, let alone
> giving them an easier method like their own website.

I really would like to host the pupils' sites so they can be seen from home. 
"Look at what I did today mum".  However, this is a great leap of faith.  I
guess ISPs have the same problem. If I do open it up I will get parental
permission and disclaimers set up - only pupils that have signed up would be
able to publish sites.   At the moment the pupils websites can only be viewed
internally.  They can set up websites with LAMP (Linux Apache PHP MySQL) so I 
have KS4s  experimenting with forums, content managed websites, programming

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