The company is interested in supporting the product, but is not yet geared up to it. However, the financial backer of the SchoolTool project has offered to ensure support is available for schools interested in taking part in trials.

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RE: [suse-linux-uk-schools] Timetables and all that stuff>SchoolTool are
looking for test sites to get real world feedback - any volunteers, let me
I'd be keen, but getting our bursar to agree may be problematic! But I'll
ask - bear in mind that we are looking for admissions/pre admissions
control, billing (private school so quite complex) effectively we would want
to replace the capita system without going down the .NET route. Shame
really, because it's stable now! :-)

>What sort of timetabling functionality were you looking for?
To replace the SIMs Timtabler with the functionality of V6 e.g. also to
handle resources and to be able to draw pupil (staff?) data from the core
database without the export/import cycle.

Is anyone offering suport - this IS important if we were to try it out.


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