On Samstag, 16. August 2014, 11:15:56 wrote Jeroen Ooms:

> I successfully built my software on OBS for Fedora, OpenSuse and SLE.

> Now I would like to build it for centos/rhel as well, but there are

> several build dependencies which are not available in the standard

> centos/rhel repositories; they are only available through EPEL.


> Is there a way to enable external repositories during build, in order

> to get some external BuildRequires? EPEL [1] is a repository sponsored

> by Redhat and consists of Fedora packages that did not make it into

> rhel (yet).


We do not import repositories which are moving targets atm. The only

recommendation I can give is that we may found a project/repo where

the most often used EPEL package sources are hosted. So everyone

can build against it.


However, I will not be the person who starts and maintain this :)




Adrian Schroeter

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