On Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013, 15:27:12 wrote Magnus Lewis-Smith:

> I see there are several projects building OBS and hence several

> repositories serving the tools:


Yes, we change currently the setup, but we are not finished yet, so

there was no announcement yet


> openSUSE:Tools


Former stable OBS Server and Client repo.


Will be in future just be used for stable client tools.


> openSUSE:Tools:1.7

> openSUSE:Tools:2.0

> openSUSE:Tools:2.1

> openSUSE:Tools:2.3


Current stable and historic


> openSUSE:Tools:2.4


to be dropped again.


> OBS:Server:2.4

> OBS:Server:Unstable


The future.


> Can I ask what they are all for? I presume legacy versions in the

> openSUSE:Tools:X.X projects, and openSUSE:Tools being stable.


> I currently run an ancient 2.1 local installation in dire need of

> upgrade. It is patched somewhat to customise the HTML for our

> organisation, so it builds itself, but makes updating ... interesting.

> With the imminent release of 2.4 I am wondering which repository to

> branch from.


Please use OBS:Server:2.4


sorry for this (temporary) mess up.



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